Brisbane免費英文課程 JOIN QAT IELTS Club Open to Public.FREE IELTS Self Study Program!Benefits that you 澎湖民宿will enjoy:‧ Access to a plenty of IELTS materials.‧ You can photocopy the materials and take them home 情趣用品for just 10¢ per page.‧ Free Self Study IELTS Writing, Reading & Speaking.‧ Join group listening 澎湖民宿practices programs.‧ Regular IELTS Strategy Seminar from IELTS Examiner.‧ Meet other IELTS students and 花蓮民宿practice your speaking skills.‧ Meet new friends with a common objective.‧ Learn all about IELTS 看房子here.Tuesday & Wednesday 4PM to 6PM in Q.A.T Self Study Room.If you need more information, contact linda 土地買賣07 33454866---------------------------------------------------Do you want to improve your English?Are you 永慶房屋interested in the Bible?International Church offers two free English Serviceat 10: 30 am and at 4: 00 pm 住商房屋( including free dinner)More information : phone ---- Terry : 0411-146-409 to be picked up. Email: 太平洋房屋

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